Hydrocarbon Exchange Corporation was created in June of 2004 as the culmination of a natural gas marketing effort that began with a multiyear contract to purchase one hundred percent of the current production and production drilled from acreage commitments dedicated to Texas Energy Management.
The core of the business for Hydrocarbon Exchange originates primarily in the Lone Star State, and transportation contracts are held on every major intrastate pipeline to assure our producer community the highest in netback pricing flexibility. In addition, there are also several interstate transport agreements allowing pricing opportunities as far west as the California border, and as far north as Minnesota and Wisconsin city gates.
A large part of our company’s mission will be to continue to grow successfully as additional supply basins are added around the United States. Natural gas is one of the most volatile commodities in the world today. We at Hydrocarbon have all of the necessary tools to assist our supply and market base with dealing with that volatility, and for any type of pricing flexibility they select. Our credit facility partner, BNP Paribas NY, is among the largest and most reputable credit banks worldwide providing the company continued financial support to our physical and derivative based business.



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