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Contract Administration

Please see the attached NAESB and Tax Sales and Use Certificate from Hydrocarbon Exchange Corp.


Standard NAESB Form (Download)

Tax Sales and Use Certificate (Download)



Process: If you could, please fill out your company portion of the contract, print two copies and have both of them signed and mailed to Hydrocarbon Exchange at your earliest convenience.Along with the NAESB, please send our Tax Sales and Use Certificate and include your own for our signature. We will then have the documents fully executed and mail one copy to you for your records.

Mailing Address:

Hydrocarbon Exchange Corp.
5910 N. Central Expressway
Suite 1380
Dallas, TX 75206

If you have any questions regarding the NAESB or your company would like to amend the contract and/or include Special Provisions

Please Contact Us:


Phone: 214-987-0257


We make every effort to be of assistance, please contact us at 214-987-0257 with any questions.
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